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Pension release (sometimes referred to as pension unlocking or pension liberation) means taking money out of your pension fund before you retire. Some ways of doing this are legal, others are not. If you're 55 or over you can legally access the money in your pension fund, however if you are under 55 normally you can only do this if you have very poor health.

The age at which most people start to take money from their pension schemes is generally set by the rules of the particular pension scheme, it is often 60 or 65, but could be lower.

From a legal perspective, you can start withdrawing cash from your pensions from age 55 although not all schemes will let you do this. You may have to transfer to another pension scheme before you can access any money. You can however restructure your pension funds in such a way as to provide you a cash benefit.

Pension restructuring

Our pension release service focuses on restructuring your pension rather than withdrawing cash from it, which would reduce it's eventual value. Your pension remains invested and will be available to you upon your retirement.

Restructuring your pension involves transferring it to another trusted provider, and in the process cash will be released and is then available to you.

Who can release cash from their pension with our service?

  • You must be under 55
  • You must have a UK company or personal pension you no longer pay into
  • Your pension must be worth at least £12,000 (if you aren't sure how much your pension is worth we can help you find out)

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How does the review process work?


Firstly request a FREE review using the form above, during which we will assess your situation and help you decide if you are eligible for a pension release service.


If you are eligible, you will be informed of the maximum sum you can release. If you are happy to proceed the money in your dormant pension will be transferred to a new pension provider.


You will then be given a lump sum payment when the transfer is complete for you to do with as you wish.